perf, gdb, and x86 tricks and reference materials

Michael Stone, October 8, 2012, , (src)

$ perf record -g
$ perf annotate
(gdb) layout asm
gdb: “layout asm” SO: Show current instruction in gdb
(gdb) x/w $1234
gdb: “Examining memory”
(gdb) break *fun*
info registers
gdb: “Break Commands”
(gdb) run < input
gdb: “Your Program’s Input and Output”
(gdb) set {int} ($esp + 0x4) = 10
(gdb) set $pc = 0x485
(gdb) jump *0xabcdefgh
gdb: “Altering Execution”
(gdb) generate-core-file
Generating core files from gdb
gdb manual
Red Hat
gdb cheat sheets

Daniel Spiegel

Jim Binkley

IA-{32,64} references
Intel IA-32 and IA-64 Instruction Set Architecture Reference Materials
calling conventions
x86 Calling Conventions
AT&T vs. Intel syntax