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  1. Real-world system depictions with depict ## Who uses depict?
  2. Introducing depict, a tool and notation for depicting systems # Introduction
  3. WASM, Rust, and C ## Depict
  4. API Security A friend and colleague recently asked for an overview of the relevant language of “API security”. Here was my reply:
  5. Running qemu-system-aarch64 with -accel hvf on aarch64-darwin # tl;dr
  6. Nix Tutorial ## Introduction
  7. Software Quality I’ve been fascinated for years by the question:
  8. A style guide for state machines I have a coffee-making robot.
  9. DRAFT: Review: “Ego Depletion”, JDW 2010 Earlier this weekend, I read a fun [paper][pdf] ([SAGE]) by Job, Dweck,
  10. Equations vs. Definitions About a year ago, in the context of a course on Scheme, a friend and colleague
  11. System Safety ∩ Ψ This winter, Dr. Matthew Cain invited me to give a talk to his Engineering Psychology (Tufts PSY 53) students at Tufts.
  12. Performance Engineering # Introduction
  13. Solving Stinky Trash with Adsorption via Zeolite and Activated Carbon ## The Problem
  14. Stove-top Infra-red Surface Temperature Monitoring Concept ## The Problem
  15. SELinux Notes ### Introduction
  16. Reading, 2015-2016 ## Business Dynamics
  17. Nix Packaging Tricks: Making Go, R, Python, Haskell, OpenSSL, and Docker Dance ## Introduction
  18. Fall 2014 Reading * Intent Specifications and again. Useful ideas: part-whole, information-hiding, and means-end abstraction/refinement hierarchies, notation.
  19. Fault Tolerance for TLS? Caveat: I’m not a cryptographer, so please don’t take my comments below as
  20. Talk: An Atlas of Systems I gave a talk in [March of 2013](
  21. Latency, Jitter, Cost, and Queueing Theory If [Engineering a Safer World](
  22. Thoughts: Docker, Sociology, Mathematical Models of Security, Word Choice, and Death 1. Multi-container docker configuration is presently mired in complexity
  23. Fate-sharing, end-to-end arguments, and secrecy [Fate-sharing] is the principle that “it is acceptable to lose the state
  24. DRAFT: Running Software: A Preliminary Hierarchy of Abstraction As I wrote a few months back, I’ve been thinking about [how to run
  25. Understanding and controlling gcc’s inlining decisions
  26. August Reading: how to run software? I’ve been reading about how to run software. Here are some of the more curious
  27. DRAFT: User-Agent (UA) Accidents I rely heavily on a small number of “user agents” – my web browser, my email
  28. Keeping Calm with Demographics Finding myself unable to get back to sleep after a volley of phone calls
  29. DRAFT: Re: On critical thinking On 2/24/13, Brian Sniffen <bts@…> wrote:
  30. Advice on Studying Programming Languages ## Dear Student…
  31. Scheduling Shift-Work ## Introduction
  32. Boston Clojure: Talk + Review of “” ## Overview
  33. Fall Reading 2012 Fall reading. Mostly not finished. Some jewels: Senge, Argyris, Porter.
  34. NixOS Notes: November 3, 2012 For the last few months, I’ve been using what one might call an “impressively
  35. Thoughts for October 27, 2012 * API Design
  36. perf, gdb, and x86 tricks and reference materials +——————————————–+———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-+
  37. “What determines the size of the population of Wikipedians?” Let \(n\) be Wikipedia’s age in days. Yesterday, \(W(n-1)\) people edited
  38. Influencing Wikipedia Readers Almost 30 years ago, Robert Cialdini wrote a classic book, [“Influence”], on
  39. Summer Reading 2012 Back in April, I met some [awesome folks][] at the first [STAMP/STPA
  40. June 2012 Travel Photos In the “better late than never” department, here are some photos, first of a
  41. April Flowers + Sketches On my way home earlier this week, I ran into some lovely petunias at Mom’s [favorite
  42. Notes from the STAMP 2012 Workshop Earlier this week, I was privileged to attend the [2012 STAMP
  43. Favorite TED and Youtube Performances for April 15-22 For an old friend from
  44. Systems Thinking in Web Security See the presentation.
  45. Constrained Seating Did I just use a [constraint solver][Alloy] to play a musical chairs at work?
  46. git-find-blob (faster) Presently, Google’s index seems to know [three][] [different][] [answers][]
  47. Reading for March 11-18 Weekend reading:
  48. Thoughts for March 4-11 Busy week; for stories, ask me about Nell, obfuscation, or Kerckhoff’s Principle
  49. Initial Reactions to “Inventing on Principle” ### Introduction
  50. Defining Sugar Once upon a time, I asked some friends[^friends] to help me to distill my
  51. Plotting Spilled… Ink? Ever since I bought [Hadley Wickham]’s lovely book [“ggplot2: Elegant Graphics
  52. Site Search Several folks have recently asked me how my “Search site” box works, so
  53. Thoughts for Jan. 30 – Feb. 5. As I mentioned [last week], I’ve recently become interested in trying to fill
  54. Thoughts for February 6-12 This week, I was pleasantly reminded of the power of learning by Evelyn
  55. Thoughts for January 22-29, 2012 Some fun books I encountered this week:
  56. Thoughts for January 15-22, 2012 This week, I hacked a bit on two fun programs and one old memory:
  57. Thoughts for January 8-15, 2012 Some fun things/questions I encountered this week:
  58. Klee: a poor man’s QuickCheck… Recently, I’ve been working on [packaging] the [Klee] symbolic interpreter for
  59. Links for December 18-25, 2011 [“How Doctors Die”][docs]: worth reading, c/o [Mom].
  60. Security Features vs. Security Guarantees Dear Santa: can you introduce me to a browser vendor who offers a security
  61. Links for December 4-11, 2011 Some thoughts and links that caught my fancy around the week of December 4-11:
  62. klee + microclimates This week, we have a preliminary [Debianization] of [klee] (a.k.a.
  63. On bug-tracking… (draft) Earlier this week, my friend [Brian][bts] offered me a gentle provocation on
  64. Photos for November, 2011 Earlier views from Cambridge MA, Portland ME, and Pemaquid Point, ME:
  65. Virtio, AOP, social currencies, and primitive media Some questions and corresponding links that caught my fancy around the week of
  66. Technique Mike Cardwell’s essay “Protecting a Laptop from Simple and Sophisticated Attacks” is good introduction to an under-appreciated field.
  67. Public Goods After returning from my recent travels, I’ve found myself
  68. 2011 Travel Photos Here are some photos from my recent trip to Bangalore, Mysore, Mudumalai, Ooty,
  69. Comment Systems ## Comment Systems
  70. Convergence (draft) ## Forms, Maps, and Convergent Sequences
  71. AfD Discussions (draft) ## Greetings
  72. Keeping Secrets (notes) ## Keeping Secrets
  73. ## Weak Secret-keepers
  74. Irrefutability
  75. The Joy of TeX
  76. Safe(r) Phones (draft) ## Difficulties