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Maybe this is a reason security works as a second career; domain knowledge is necessary?

But what else are we trying to teach with the security reviews but critical thinking?

Some thoughts:

cog-sci “skill” != business “skill”

p. 1: Author?


  1. Let’s turn to James Reason’s “Human Error” and to Jens Rasmussen’s and [theory of task performance.
  1. “Critical thinking” probably isn’t a single skill.
  2. Memory activation is quite dynamic.

p. 2: “mathematically the same”, recognition, modeling, …

theory of reading? a fucking huge subject!


p. 3: “deep structure” bullshit? “overt” ?

p. 4: metacognition + emotions?

p. 5: systematic vs. random vs. guided error: bugs in mental procedures & response loops?

p. 6: “scientific” thinking: theories-in-use vs. espoused theories boyd adaptation any model of motion is “physics”; there are just lots of bad models

oh god, philosophy of science + causality… pretty please?

in modeling based on conditional probability, not in conditional probability

p. 7: conclusion about need to deploy the right kind of thinking at the right time seems basically right

p. 8: it’s not just knowledge that’s needed; it also helps to have the unconscious subsystems helpfully initialized; i.e., to be inclined to think critically, to be primed, to engineer the environment, ….